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Pink Floyd Beef: David Gilmour Banned Roger Waters from the Band’s Website

DAVID GILMOUR and ROGER WATERS from PINK FLOYD haven’t gotten along in DECADES.

Roger Waters

They have reunited a handful of times over the past 15 years . . . but those were brief one-offs.  And now, things are apparently getting nasty between them again.

Roger posted a five-minute “public announcement” on YouTube, saying David has banned him from the official Pink Floyd website.

He says he tried to make peace last year, but nothing ever came of it . . . and it’s frustrating that he can’t have an equal share of the band’s online presence.

He says, quote, “David thinks he owns it.  I think he thinks because I left the band in 1985 that he owns Pink Floyd, that he IS Pink Floyd, and that I’m irrelevant, and that I should keep my mouth shut.”

David hasn’t responded.

The Average Person Comes Up with 2,190 Excuses a Year to Avoid Doing Stuff . . . Here Are the Five Most Common

On an average day, how many times do you AVOID doing things?  A new poll found the average American comes up with six excuses a day for avoiding stuff.  That’s 2,190 excuses a year.

Here are the five most common go-to excuses we like to use . . .

1.  “I’m too tired.”

2.  “I can’t really afford it.”

3.  “I don’t have enough time.”

4.  “It’s too much of a hassle.”

5.  “I forgot.”

The survey also asked people to name the top situations that require an excuse.

The most common things that need an excuse are not wanting to run errands . . . not wanting to exercise . . . not wanting to eat healthy . . . and stuff related to social events, like skipping them or showing up late. 


Ozzy Osbourne Cancels Parkinson’s Treatment

Ozzy Osbourne Cancels Parkinson's Treatment

Ozzy Osbourne has canceled upcoming plans to visit Switzerland for medical treatment for his Parkinson’s disease due to restrictions during the global health crisis.

Clutch Release New Monster-Themed Compilation

Clutch Release New Monster-Themed Compilation

Clutch has released a new monster-themed digital compilation featuring a collection of tracks from their extensive catalog. “Monsters, Machines, And Mythological Beasts” present ten tunes recorded by the Maryland outfit between 1999 and their latest studio effort, 2018’s “Book Of Bad Decisions.”


Nine Inch Nails Surprise Release Two Free New Albums

Nine Inch Nails Surprise Release Two Free New Albums

Nine Inch Nails have surprises fans with the release of two new free albums, which are entitled “Ghosts V: Together” and “Ghosts VI: Locusts”.