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Clutch Release New Monster-Themed Compilation

Clutch has released a new monster-themed digital compilation featuring a collection of tracks from their extensive catalog. “Monsters, Machines, And Mythological Beasts” present ten tunes recorded by the Maryland outfit between 1999 and their latest studio effort, 2018’s “Book Of Bad Decisions.”

“Many Clutch songs are inspired by, or make reference to, monsters, machines, and mythological beasts,” explains vocalist Neil Fallon. “That’s because my parents never allowed me to bring a copy of Heavy Metal magazine into their house. But I figured out some workarounds. I’m still doing the same.”

Clutch recently postponed their upcoming tour of South America during the coronavirus pandemic; the three-show series was set to feature the band’s first live dates in Argentina and Chile alongside a return trip to Brazil.

“Due to the recent COVID-19 virus and following the recommendation from the health authorities,” says Clutch, “aiming the safety and well-being of all our fans, we decided to postpone our Latin America tour that would happen at the end of April.

“We’ll announce the new dates in the near future, once we all have a better understanding of the situation and the epidemic is under control.”

Monsters, Machines, And Mythological Beasts

Release date: March 27

  • “10001110101”
  • “Ghoul Wrangler”
  • “What Would A Wookie Do?”
  • “Cyborg Bette”
  • “Minotaur”
  • “The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…”
  • “Droid”
  • “Behold The Colossus”
  • “Sleestak Lightning”
  • “Release The Kraken” (Jr Version) “


Clutch Release New Monster-Themed Compilation